Why cybersecurity is more than just a ‘checkbox’ for Mindshift

Mindshift wins the Start-up Innovation (Customer Value) award

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New Zealand-based cyber risk specialist Mindshift is on a mission to ensure “good cybersecurity habits” start early with customers before it’s too late.

The training and awareness company has placed “serious” cyber risk-taking at the heart of its philosophy since its creation in 2018.

Building on a win in the Start-up Innovation (Customer Value) category at the Reseller News 2021 Innovation Awards, Mindshift owner Melonie Cole is now prioritizing strategic collaboration and partnerships to ensure future success.

“Over the past three years since we launched Mindshift, there’s been a lot more appetite at the management level to not just ‘tick the box’ on cybersecurity training, but to provide staff with training. timely and role-specific technology-specific cybersecurity guidance,” she said.

Shifting priorities also indicate shifts in the technologies customers are looking for in the short to medium term.

“We’ve seen more and more companies pour their energy into using Office 365 information management, email phishing, and training staff to securely store and share information at home. Office 365 apps help,” Cole explained.

With the shift to the post-pandemic era, Cole expects customer spending to accelerate in the near future.

As companies review and revise their strategic plans to better align with new ways of working, it’s clear that priorities have shifted.

“We’ve seen how budgets allocated for staff training and awareness have been reallocated to other areas as staff work from home,” says Cole.

A strategic partnership with Phriendly Phishing (a CyberCX company) allows Mindshift to enter new markets by offering phishing simulations as well as basic courses focused on reducing cyber risk.

While entering new markets with the offering of online training courses, they remain committed to nurturing relationships with existing corporate clients.

“We are always grateful that when the people we work with leave one company and move to another, they take us with them. It is indeed the biggest compliment and the best way to grow our business,” Cole said.

Along with developing training programs, over the next six to nine months, Mindshift’s top business priorities involve working closely with enterprise customers to build partnerships. “That means getting closer to their technology change programs, to understand specific cybersecurity needs and people’s needs,” Cole said.

With cybercrime on the rise and constantly emerging in new forms, the opportunities for developing security solutions are therefore endless and must remain dynamic. For companies looking to implement new solutions, it is essential to ensure that staff are continuously trained and up-to-date on security. The awareness and actions of employees at all levels contribute to high safety.

Skills beyond borders

While New Zealand’s security industry has traditionally struggled to recruit and retain qualified talent, this situation has been exacerbated by the country’s prolonged border closures. As international travel opportunities return for the Kiwis, Cole hopes the gaps left by the outgoing Kiwis will be filled by international talent looking for their next move.

Despite challenges posed by skills shortages, Mindshift is optimistic about growing its business.

“Mindshift has just launched a series of short, interactive online cybersecurity modules suitable for small and medium-sized businesses, so we will be expanding our business in this space,” Cole said.

Basic online courses offer a solution for security professionals who are short on time and have great intentions of creating cybersecurity training and awareness programs, but are often unable to commit much time.

“People will want to take training wherever they are, at times that suit them. Time is a precious commodity; they will require succinct online training, not lengthy compliance-based courses. »

Despite more disparate workforces, Cole believes there’s still a future for interactive in-person training. “I predict a resurgence of face-to-face training where interaction with colleagues will lead to richer discussion and the sharing of ideas,” she said.

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