UN official says hate speech app targeting Muslim women must be condemned

The United Nations special rapporteur on minority issues, Dr Fernand de Varennes, on Wednesday condemned the emergence of a hate app that falsified photos of hundreds of Muslim women have been uploaded for “auction” and have stated that such incidents should be prosecuted as soon as they occur.

In a tweet Tuesday evening, Varennes said: “Minority Muslim women in India are harassed and ‘sold’ in social media apps, #SulliDeals, a form of hate speech, must be condemned and prosecuted as soon as they are they happen. All human rights of minorities must be fully and equally protected.

This comes after last week on Delhi Police Arrest Aumkareshwar Thakur, 26, From Indore in Madhya Pradesh. Thakur is considered to be the creator of the hate app that surfaced in July of last year in which hundreds of Muslim women, including journalists and activists, were “auctioned”. This was the first arrest made in this case.

Thakur’s arrest came shortly after the 21-year-old second-year engineering student Neeraj Bishnoi arrested of Jorhat in Assam. Bishnoi is the creator of a similar app that surfaced on January 1 on GitHub, the same online platform used to create the previous app, and like the first, was used to “auction” women. Muslim women with falsified photographs.

The National Commission for Women learned of the hateful application on January 1 after being tagged on Twitter by a victim. NCW President Rekha Sharma earlier said Indian express that she had also been in constant contact with the Delhi Police Cybercell, monitoring the progress of investigations into these two applications.

“These incidents are very unfortunate. They are not Hindu or Muslim women. Communities of both religions must come together and protect their wives. These apps are not meant to hurt other people’s communities, but to hurt women. Police should not drag their feet in such cases either, ”Sharma said.

Sharma further said the commission is working with social media platforms – it has held several meetings with Twitter, Facebook and Google – to resolve the issue with these apps.

Meanwhile, after being asked about these apps at Indian express e-Adda program held on Monday evening, Union Minister for Women’s and Children’s Development Smriti Irani said she had been in contact with IT and telecom services on the issue of women’s internet safety .

“Women, regardless of their religion, have been denied their dignity on social media platforms. I am grateful that the police are investigating this matter. I am absolutely convinced that the culprits will be punished. My desire is also this … I had the privilege of engaging with the justices of the Supreme Court … to make sure that we would expedite the cases. The law provides for rapid pronouncement. But there was laxity given the burden weighing on our country’s courts, ”she said.

Irani added: “But I hope that between the police system and the justice system more and more cases where women receive justice will come to light. I want to use this platform to say that this is an issue on which, whatever our policy, we must come together. “

In the wake of the Delhi gang rape and murder in 2012, there have been conversations, she said, around the impact of pornography on the minds of young people. “It’s time to revisit this conversation,” Irani said.

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