Types of Cyber ​​Security Incidents to be Mandatory Reported by Service Providers, Intermediaries, Data Centers, Legal Entities and Governmental Organizations to CERT-In India

[Rule 12(1)(a) of The Information Technology (The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team and Manner of Performing Functions and Duties) Rules, 2013 (https://www.meity.gov.in/writereaddata/files/G_S_R%2020%20%28E %292_0.pdf) ]

I. Targeted analysis/probing of critical networks/systems

ii. Compromise of critical systems/information

iii. Unauthorized access to computer systems/data

iv. Disfiguration of the website or intrusion into a website and unauthorized modifications such as the insertion of malicious code, links to external websites, etc.

v. Malicious code attacks such as spreading viruses/worms/Trojans/bots/spyware/ransomware/cryptominers

vi. Attack on servers such as database, mail and DNS and network devices such as routers

viii. Spoofing, Spoofing, and Phishing Attacks

viii. Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks

ix. Attacks against critical infrastructure, SCADA and operational technology systems and wireless networks

X. Attacks on applications such as e-governance, e-commerce, etc.

xi. Data Breach

xi. Data leak

xiii. Attacks against Internet of Things (IoT) devices and associated systems, networks, software and servers

xiv. Attacks or incidents affecting digital payment systems

xvi. Attacks via malicious mobile apps

XVI. fake mobile apps

17. Unauthorized access to social media accounts

xviii. Malicious/suspicious attacks or activities affecting cloud computing systems/servers/software/applications

xix. Malicious/suspicious attacks or activities affecting systems/servers/networks/software/applications related to Big Data, Block chain, virtual assets, virtual asset exchanges, custodian wallets, Robotics, 3D and 4D printing, additive manufacturing, Drones

xx. Attacks or malicious/suspicious activities affecting systems/servers/software/applications related to artificial intelligence and machine learning

Incidents can be reported to CERT-In via

a) E-mail ([email protected]),

b) Telephone (1800-11-4949) and

vs) Fax (1800-11-6969).

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