Two people arrested for deceiving victims using a fake money transfer app

Cyber ​​Crime Bhopal arrested a gang and caught two miscreants including a minor who used to trick victim using fake money transfer app, miscreant was arrested after victim was tricked up to Rs 19,000.

A complaint was lodged with the Cyber ​​cell by victim Amit Saxena who runs a ticket booking and money transfer kiosk and in his complaint he said he was duped by the accused who came for the transfer silver. The accused transferred Rs 19,000 and collected Rs 19,000 from the victim. Shortly after the accused left, 18,965 rupees was deducted from his account.

In the technical analysis, it was found that the money was transferred into two e-wallet accounts and the usage of the accused details was tracked.

After investigation, it was found that by unidentified boys through Bigcash e-wallet number 9644968453 by transferring account creation temporarily.

Based on the complaint filed after the preliminary investigation, the police registered a case under Article 420 of the CPI.

During the investigation, the police found that he was going to the stores and transferring money and asking the merchant to collect the money and telling the merchant that we will transfer the money to the Paytm wallet , when the merchant is ready, the money is transferred by the accused. to the Paytm wallet.

The money would be collected from the trader in cash, a link is generated on the Big Cash app by the accused, on this link the mobile number of the trader and from which the OTP is generated and in the name of the help they would take victim’s mobile number and use OTP and delete it and use it to recover money from bigcash e-wallet.

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