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Running a small business is hard enough. Why would you add work to your plate by taking on tasks that a professional can do at an affordable rate?

Or maybe you’re looking to use your skills to earn some extra cash or beef up your resume to start your own small business.

Either way, Fiverr is a fantastic outlet for buyers and sellers.

Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelancers with the goal of connecting businesses to talent. Services are provided through what are called “gigs”. Sellers offer “gigs” that buyers can research or browse before hiring.

Some of the service categories are:

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With Fiverr, you can use your skills without having to make them your full-time job. For example, if you’re a photographer, you’ll be able to make money from gigs without having to commit to photography as your primary focus. You can work with people from all over the world during your own hours, and it’s a great opportunity for beginners to break into their chosen field by gaining hands-on experience.

How to become a seller on Fiverr:

  1. Create a seller profile
  2. Create a gig
  3. Add personal touches like a Video presentation and offer Packages to help market your gigs to potential customers
  4. Earn extra money by adding Gig extras which are offers like faster delivery or an extra item included with the purchase

Tips for making the most money

  1. Be sure to fill out all the required information and explain what your gig is about in order to stand out to buyers. Competition is fierce on Fiverr, so it’s important to make sure your profile and descriptions are personalized and detailed.
  2. Add high quality photos or examples of your work. Take this opportunity to promote what you sell so that all business owners know why they should choose you over anyone else with similar gigs.
  3. Make your gig SEO friendly. Search engine optimization is important, so if someone searches online for exactly what you’re selling, they’ll have a better chance of finding your Fiverr profile.
  4. Deliver to your sellers. The best way to create new business for yourself on Fiverr is to receive 5 stars from your customers, so always strive to make your customers happy.

With the wide variety of categories you can find gigs for on Fiverr, you’re likely to find one that will help you.

Shoppers will find tons of gigs useful, including:

If you’re a small business owner, you may not have the time to learn a skill to create something you need to sell your products. However, it’s worth investing in your business by finding highly rated vendors who can help you as a freelancer, without you having to commit to a permanent employee.

Fiverr Video Editing Jobs

How to use Gigs as a buyer

  1. Search for a gig and Fiverr will find your freelancers who offer gigs to meet your specific needs
  2. Contact freelancers to discuss the project you are looking to hire someone for to ensure they are a good fit
  3. Communicate with the freelancer you choose as they create your project
  4. Review and rate after receiving a finished product – feedback helps buyers know a seller is qualified to be hired for a gig

Tips for Buyers on Fiverr

  1. Browse through all the subcategories you can choose from. You might not even know that some of these projects were available from freelancers, but Fiverr offers a wide variety of gigs.
  2. Read several descriptions of similar gigs before choosing a seller to contact. You might think about going for the lowest price you see first, but for a few extra bucks you might find a seller who offers Gig extras it will end up giving you more for your money.
  3. Place sample orders. Before you buy a big order of something or pay full price, contact a few sellers you plan to work with and ask about buying a sample or trial order. This will be a shorter or smaller version of your final product so you can decide which seller you ultimately want to work with.

How to choose the BEST seller

Before choosing a seller, be sure to check a few different criteria to make sure they’re right for you. The ideal salesperson has:

  1. 100+ reviews
  2. 4.7 stars or more
  3. Examples of their work
  4. A fast response time

You can help narrow your search to make sure you’re looking for highly rated people.

  1. Choose your category or subcategory for a concert
  2. Click on Seller Details
  3. To select top rated seller so that only the most rated freelancers appear in your search

How to make sure you don’t get scammed

Watch out for these red flags to avoid dealing with a sketchy seller:

  1. Never pay for any service outside of Fiverr. If the seller requests payment somewhere other than the website or app, there’s a much higher chance that you’re dealing with fraud. Fiverr will not be able to help you if you get scammed outside of their platform.
  2. Do not mark the order as complete without reviewing it. Some scammers will try to convince you to mark the order as “complete” before you have received your final product.
  3. Check your order within 3 days. Fiverr automatically marks your order as “complete” after 3 days if you haven’t, so make sure you’re happy.

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