This $50 cybersecurity bundle is essential reading

Cybersecurity CompTIA certification isn’t easy, but it can open the door for you to interviews you might never have had the chance to otherwise. This shows employers that you have the skills to pass the CompTIA exams and the motivation to seek certification on your own. The CompTIA Cyber ​​Security & Pentest Complete 2022 Super Bundle is one of the best preparation tools and can be an essential step towards a career in cybersecurity. Right now, this set is on sale for $49 (Reg. $1770).


The Complete CompTIA Cyber ​​Security & Pentest 2022 Super Bundle includes six courses totaling over 168 hours of instruction. For reference, it is more than one full year of full-time college courses. But instead of taking a bunch of courses unrelated to your major, it’s all about all facets of cybersecurity.

Each course in this set is highly specialized and can bring you up to date with modern practices and concepts in the field. The first course, “CompTIA Security+ (SY0-601)”, is part rigorous exam and part security demonstration. You’ll demonstrate your IT security concepts, then begin to learn the fundamentals of risk management, regulatory requirements, and legal compliance. These are the fundamental ideas and lessons you will need to learn if you want to be part of the IT and cybersecurity community.

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One of the most useful things you can learn from this set is penetration testing. Two courses are included to teach you what Pentesting is and how to do it. You will learn how to perform vulnerability scans and show how someone could exploit weaknesses in a system. Each course focuses on knowledge and practical application, so you will get the information and the experience. When you’re done, you’ll be more aware of your own cybersecurity and have the tools to make sure others do the same.

The Complete CompTIA Cyber ​​Security & Pentest 2022 Super Bundle is an integral tool for cybersecurity hopefuls. Get it on sale for $49.

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The Complete CompTIA Cyber ​​Security & Pentest 2022 Super Bundle – $49

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