Tech company educates Ibadan teachers about cyberbullying, launches cyber-hygiene app

On Friday, Nigerian technology company Epower NG sensitized some teachers in selected secondary schools in Ibadan on the dangers and handling of cyberbullying in the classroom.

The training, themed “Internet Safety Awareness Training: How Teachers Can Beat Cyberbullying Using Cyber ​​Hygiene App”, was organized by Epower NG with the support of Impact Amplifier and Google.

According to Epower Founder and CEO, Olugbenga Ogunbowale, the Cyber ​​Hygiene app was designed to tackle cyberbullying in schools by gamifying internet safety education; empower students, parents, teachers, schools and governments; and ultimately raising a generation of digitally responsible students and teenagers.

Ogunbowale said cyberbullies harass their targets, who are mostly teenagers and young children, through social media, emails, text messages and chat apps.

He pointed out that cyberbullying is difficult to notice and control because it is persistent, permanent and anonymous.

“It’s permanent because the Internet is permanent. What you post on the internet now, unless you delete it, will still be there in the next five or ten years,” he said. “So don’t post anything private or that you don’t want people to see online.”

He added that the threat of cyberbullying knows no race, color, gender, age and geography; and, therefore, requires innovative ways from parents, teachers, schools and society to deal with it.

During the session, Ogunbowale explained why and how cyberbullying happens, the tactics and means adopted by cyberbullies, common signs and characteristics of victims of cyberbullying, and how cyberbullying can be managed and combated.

According to him, some of the ways to report and deal with cyberbullying include not responding or forwarding cyberbullying content; keep evidence of bullying, block the accounts of cyberbullies; and report cyberbullying to internet/social media providers, schools, and law enforcement.

While speaking on the Cyber ​​Hygiene app, Ogunbowale demonstrated the ease of use of the app. He said the app contains games, spelling bees, videos, lecture transcripts and other interactive features that will allow students and young people to learn about internet safety while having fun. .

He added that the app will also motivate students to acquire digital knowledge as it involves the use of smartphones and digital contents.

He urged teachers and parents to be social media savvy and to make sure they are aware of the content, sites and apps their teenagers are using. He advised teachers to be kind, open and assertive when communicating with teens about issues related to cyberbullying.

During the session, some of the teachers present shared their personal and classroom experiences of cyberbullying and how they deal with the threat in their schools.

Some of the 15 schools represented at the event were Zion International School, Louisville Nursery and Primary School, De-Essence Academy, Livingstone College of Arts and Science, among others.

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