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HYDERABAD: Ashrin Sultana’s elder brother Syed Mobin Ahmed, who along with his younger brother-in-law Mohammed Masood Ahmed brutally murdered her husband Billipuram Nagaraju in full public view in Saroornagar on Wednesday night, has taken the help of technology to find her sister and her husband.

A high school dropout, Mobin, a fruit vendor, enlisted the help of friends and downloaded an app that tracks people. Using the app, he started tracking Nagaraju’s movements for over a week and finally hit on Wednesday.

After Ashrin left home in January 2022 and married Nagaraju, her family tried to persuade her to leave him and return home. However, she chose to stay with Nagaraju. Fearing trouble, the couple had kept a low profile, so much so that they only maintained contact with one Nagaraju relative.

Mobin frantically searched for the couple. As the days passed, his frustration grew and his efforts to find them intensified. Finally, he discovered an app that could help him track Nagaraju. He downloaded the app to his phone and also gained access to Nagaraju’s email by manipulating the username and password.

Using the app and the location tracker on the email, Mobin started tracking Nagaraju’s movements and eventually discovered that the couple were residing at Panjala Anil Kumar Colony, Saroornagar. He also discovered that Nagaraju worked for a car dealership.

On Wednesday, he went to the car showroom and tried to attack Nagaraju, but was unsuccessful as the victim ran off at top speed on his bike, not even knowing that Mobin and Ahmed were following him.
However, at night when Nagaraju went to fetch Ashrin from his relative and he was returning home, they knocked.

Guv asks for a report
On Friday, Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan requested a detailed report from the state government on the killing of B Nagaraju in Hyderabad on May 4 and the subsequent action taken by state authorities against the accused.

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