line “Bulli Bai” | Technical analysis of the app, Twitter handles led to the accused: Mumbai police chief

Mumbai Police Cybercell, investigating the ‘Bulli Bai’ app case, said it was successful in identifying and arresting the accused through technical analysis of people following the app and the Twitter account of the same name.

Mumbai Police Commissioner Hemant Nagrale said: “Our team focused on the defendants involved after a technical analysis. Investigators found that the app and the Twitter account had five followers. they were apprehended and arrested. Three people were arrested on Wednesday, including one from Bangalore and two from Uttarakhand.

Nagrale, speaking to reporters, said further arrests may be possible as the police team searches for others involved in the conspiracy.

He said it would only be known whether the accused received any benefit or monetary gain after the investigation was completed.

The first accused arrested in this case was Vishal Kumar, an engineering student from Bangalore. He was taken into custody until January 10. Vishal also runs a YouTube channel named Tavasya Vats. He is also questioned about his involvement in similar activities earlier.

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Previously, a similar app had been created under the name of “Sulli deals” and it also uploaded photos of Muslim women for an “auction”.

The second accused, Shweta Singh, 18, is said to be the mastermind. She is said to have created the Twitter handle named “Bulli Bai” and was taking instructions regarding posts on the app from someone based in Nepal.

The third person arrested is Mayank Rawat from Gadhwal in Uttarakhand, who allegedly shared the messages uploaded to the app on social media.

“The case is of a very sensitive nature and an investigation is underway on online and internet platforms, so at this stage the sharing of information could hamper the investigation and lead to the destruction of evidence by the accused wanted, ”Nagrale said.

The defendants involved had created Twitter IDs with names such as @bullibai_, @ sage0x11, @ jatlhalsa7, @wannabesigmaf, jatkhalsa, @ sikh_khalsa11 and these IDs were used to share content on Twitter from the bullibai app.

For the Twitter account named @bullibai_, it was said to have been created by the Khalsa Sikh Force (KSF). One of the followers of the @bullibai_ handle was named “khalsasupremacist” and this handle led the police to Vishal Kumar.

Police officials also said that in addition to hurting the feelings of the women whose photos were uploaded to the app, the defamation, the defendants involved were also trying to create enmity between two communities and could have resulted in problems of ‘public order.

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