CYFIRMA launches DeFNCE app for user safety

Threat Management Company CYFIRMA unveiled its new mobile app, DeFNCE, designed to help users build cybersecurity habits.

The app is created to help people browse the web safely, such as knowing how to set a secure password, learning about emerging cyber threats like phishing campaigns and other cyber lures. social engineering, and be aware of scammers targeting apps they have installed.

In CYFIRMA’s research, threat actors and cybercriminals increasingly view mobile devices as attack surfaces to conduct not only scams, but also cyber espionage. The company predicts in 2022 that bad actors will launch attacks to take control of mobile devices and demand ransom knowing that many will succumb to extortion tactics.

DeFNCE has the ability to provide a secure browsing experience by using advanced algorithms to discover users’ digital risk profile and warn them against espionage, phishing, ransomware, malware, and other cyber threats. The application contains more than 1 million data sources to draw user’s attention to emails and passwords that have been stolen or leaked in underground markets, specific hacking campaigns planned by from cybercriminals, and helps the user ensure that device settings meet cyber security standards. .

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