CFC launches new functionality for cyber application

Specialized insurer CFC has announced the launch of a new feature for its mobile application, Response. The app now allows users to activate cybersecurity tools like deep analysis and dark web monitoring with just one click.

“The often complex process of registering and configuring cybersecurity tools has always been a barrier for small businesses wishing to access these services,” said Graeme Newman, chief innovation officer at CFC. “Our one-click activation process makes these vital, high-value tools easy to implement and truly accessible to micro and small businesses across industries. “

Cyber ​​security tolls now available include dark web monitoring, which searches the dark web for information about a business, including stolen corporate credentials and other data breaches associated with the domain name of the company. ‘business. CFC also offers an in-depth analysis system, which searches for vulnerabilities in the IT systems of policyholders.

“Since its launch last fall, thousands of our policyholders have downloaded Response, and we’re already seeing a positive impact on cyber claims both in terms of frequency and severity,” said Newman. “We believe this is due to our continued investment in Response and the internal threat intelligence, incident response and complaints teams that support it. “

The Response application provides proactive security alerts based on information gathered by the CFC Threat Intelligence team. It also allows users to get free advice from CFC’s internal cybersecurity team and quickly report any cyber incident for immediate assistance. CFC plans to add more services in the coming months.

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