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A dating app scam is making the rounds on dating apps, tricking singles into buying fake cryptocurrencies. Scammers send users messages containing links to dating profiles that are actually fake dating sites. Once on these sites, victims are asked to buy Ethereum or Bitcoin before communicating with others. Scammers use this tactic because it is easier for them to get away with stealing these currencies than cash!

So far, this scam has tricked singles in the US, UK and South Africa out of millions of dollars. Crypto dating app scammers are making a killing taking advantage of people looking for love! As if online dating wasn’t hard enough, now you have to worry about those criminals trying to take your money.

Scammers use dating app profiles to gain the trust of their victims

Scammers use dating app profiles to gain the trust of their victims, so be careful who you communicate to. Remember that dating apps allow users anonymity, which makes it easier for scammers to target people. Even if someone looks too good to be true on a dating profile, they might have bad intentions!

Hopefully this dating scam will be stopped soon, but there are dating app scammers in the dating world, so don’t let your guard down!

Stay safe and don’t get scammed!

Cryptocurrency dating app scams are on the rise, so be careful who you talk to!

Dating apps like Bumble, Tinder, and Grindr are used to scam people out of their hard-earned cash. The scam begins by contacting potential victims through dating apps. Then the conversation is moved to other messaging platforms where a fake investment plan is made. Victims are instructed to download bogus application and make initial deposit to commercial programs. Scammers also often use their own side apps like Binance! Finally, once the small initial payment is made, the scammers then transfer the cryptocurrency to the wallets of these dating profiles and disappear with the money.

CNC Intelligence eliminates crypto scammers worldwide

CNC intelligence was founded by Cyber ​​Intelligence, Crypto Investigations, Asset Recovery and Offshore Legal Experts. With over 40 years of experience in these fields, they have come together to form a boutique Cyber ​​and Crypto Intelligence Group focused on delivering results.

CNC Intelligence has recently become aware of a number of cryptocurrency scams. These scams involve fraudsters tricking investors into buying fake or worthless cryptocurrencies. In some cases, scammers have even created their own fake cryptocurrencies.

CNC Intelligence spearheads the investigation into Seus International Group.

Roman Garcia, former FBI Special Agent

Garcia Roman Cryptography Scam
Roman Garcia, CNC Intelligence

Roman Garcia, CNC Intelligence’s principal cryptocurrency analyst and former FBI Special Agent, offers the following advice on how to avoid being scammed:

– Never invest in anything without researching it first. Do not trust a random email claiming that you have won a prize and that you must pay a sum of money before receiving your prize.

If someone promises high returns with little risk using crypto investments, run away from them as fast as you can.

– Avoid buying cryptocurrencies or tokens from unregulated exchanges, such as those based in China, Russia and Eastern Europe. These are probably scams that will get away with your money before delivering goods.

If someone claims an exchange is regulated even though it isn’t, they’re probably lying just to get your money.

– Only invest in cryptocurrencies that have strong track records and are used by real businesses. For example, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin are all backed by well-known companies and have been around for several years. Beware of new “cryptocurrencies” that suddenly appear online.

If the coin or token you are interested in is only available on a shady exchange, it is likely a scam.

– Don’t trust anyone who claims their cryptocurrency can be cashed out for real money, like USD, GBP or Euro. All cryptocurrencies are just digital tokens, and they cannot be exchanged for “real” currencies like dollars or pounds.

If someone is offering to sell you a cryptocurrency for more than its market value, they are probably trying to scam you.

– Remember that cryptocurrencies are still very experimental and risky investments. Their value can increase or decrease by 50% or more in just a few days.

Be prepared to lose all your investment if the crypto market crashes.

CNC Intelligence is committed to helping investors avoid scams and protect their hard-earned money.

UN official says hate speech app targeting Muslim women must be condemned Wed, 12 Jan 2022 12:18:21 +0000 The United Nations special rapporteur on minority issues, Dr Fernand de Varennes, on Wednesday condemned the emergence of a hate app that falsified photos of hundreds of Muslim women have been uploaded for “auction” and have stated that such incidents should be prosecuted as soon as they occur.

In a tweet Tuesday evening, Varennes said: “Minority Muslim women in India are harassed and ‘sold’ in social media apps, #SulliDeals, a form of hate speech, must be condemned and prosecuted as soon as they are they happen. All human rights of minorities must be fully and equally protected.

This comes after last week on Delhi Police Arrest Aumkareshwar Thakur, 26, From Indore in Madhya Pradesh. Thakur is considered to be the creator of the hate app that surfaced in July of last year in which hundreds of Muslim women, including journalists and activists, were “auctioned”. This was the first arrest made in this case.

Thakur’s arrest came shortly after the 21-year-old second-year engineering student Neeraj Bishnoi arrested of Jorhat in Assam. Bishnoi is the creator of a similar app that surfaced on January 1 on GitHub, the same online platform used to create the previous app, and like the first, was used to “auction” women. Muslim women with falsified photographs.

The National Commission for Women learned of the hateful application on January 1 after being tagged on Twitter by a victim. NCW President Rekha Sharma earlier said Indian express that she had also been in constant contact with the Delhi Police Cybercell, monitoring the progress of investigations into these two applications.

“These incidents are very unfortunate. They are not Hindu or Muslim women. Communities of both religions must come together and protect their wives. These apps are not meant to hurt other people’s communities, but to hurt women. Police should not drag their feet in such cases either, ”Sharma said.

Sharma further said the commission is working with social media platforms – it has held several meetings with Twitter, Facebook and Google – to resolve the issue with these apps.

Meanwhile, after being asked about these apps at Indian express e-Adda program held on Monday evening, Union Minister for Women’s and Children’s Development Smriti Irani said she had been in contact with IT and telecom services on the issue of women’s internet safety .

“Women, regardless of their religion, have been denied their dignity on social media platforms. I am grateful that the police are investigating this matter. I am absolutely convinced that the culprits will be punished. My desire is also this … I had the privilege of engaging with the justices of the Supreme Court … to make sure that we would expedite the cases. The law provides for rapid pronouncement. But there was laxity given the burden weighing on our country’s courts, ”she said.

Irani added: “But I hope that between the police system and the justice system more and more cases where women receive justice will come to light. I want to use this platform to say that this is an issue on which, whatever our policy, we must come together. “

In the wake of the Delhi gang rape and murder in 2012, there have been conversations, she said, around the impact of pornography on the minds of young people. “It’s time to revisit this conversation,” Irani said.

Creator of “Sulli Deals” app arrested in Indore: Delhi Police Sun, 09 Jan 2022 04:46:12 +0000

Delhi police have arrested a man suspected of being the creator of Indore’s “Sulli Deals” app in Madhya Pradesh, officials said on January 9.

This is the first arrest in the “Sulli Deals” app case, police said.

Hundreds of Muslim women have been listed for “auctions” on the mobile app with unauthorized and doctored photographs.

Defendant Aumkareshwar Thakur (26) received his BCA from IPS Academy in Indore and resides in Newyork township, they said.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (IFSO) KPS Malhotra said during preliminary questioning that the accused admitted that he was a member of a Twitter group and that the idea of ​​defaming and trolling Muslim women there was shared.

“He had developed the code on GitHub. Access to GitHub was with all group members. He had shared the app on his Twitter account. Photos of Muslim women were uploaded by group members,” said the officer. The investigation revealed that the accused joined the group on Twitter as ‘Tradmahasabha’ in January 2020 using the handle @gangescion.

During various panel discussions, members spoke of trolling Muslim women, police said.

“He admitted that he developed the code / app on GitHub. After the outcry over the Sulli Deals app, he removed all of his social media fingerprints,” the DCP said.

Delhi Police said further analysis of technical gadgets is underway to uncover codes / images related to the app.

Earlier in July, a case was registered by the Delhi Police Cyber ​​Cell after receiving a complaint about an unidentified group uploading photos of Muslim women to an app.

Delhi Police PRO Chinmoy Biswal previously said: “Following a complaint received on the National Cybercrime Reporting Portal regarding the ‘Sulli Deals’ mobile app, a Section 354 case. A of the Indian Penal Code has been registered and an investigation has been opened. Police in Indore said on Sunday that their Delhi counterparts had not shared any information with them about the arrest.

However, Indore Police Commissioner Harinarayanchari Mishra said PTI“We only learned from the media of the arrest of Thakur d’Indore by the Delhi police. Delhi Police have not shared any official information with us in this regard so far. Mr Mishra also said Indore Police would consider opening an investigation into the case after Delhi Police share details of the case with them. In the “Bulli Bai” case, Delhi police recorded an FIR on January 1 in connection with an online complaint filed by a city journalist against strangers for allegedly uploading her forged photo to a portal.

According to Delhi police, Niraj Bishnoi (21) who was arrested in Assam was the mastermind and alleged creator of the “Bulli Bai” app. He had revealed during his questioning that he was in contact with the person behind the Twitter handle @sullideals, the alleged creator of the “Sulli Deals” app hosted on GitHub in July of last year.

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application: BTech student detained for creating hateful application | Delhi News Thu, 06 Jan 2022 23:34:00 +0000 NEW DELHI: The Delhi Police Intelligence Fusion and Strategic Operations (IFSO) unit tracked down and arrested a 21-year-old from Jorhat district in Assam on Thursday for allegedly creating the “Bulli Bai” app on GitHub which allowed people to participate in online “auctions” of Muslim women.
DCP (IFSO) KPS Malhotra said that Niraj Bishnoi had been admitted to BTech at Vellore Institute of Technology, Bhopal, and was studying computer science. He was brought to Delhi and confessed to his role, police said.
Bishnoi allegedly created the app using his laptop – forensic scientists tracked the remains on the device – and gave it to online propagators for distribution. Police have recovered the list codes of people whose contact details have been posted on the app.
Bishnoi also managed the original Twitter account which first uploaded the details of the “Bulli Bai” app, officials said.
“With Bishnoi’s arrest, the case was completely resolved. He was the main conspirator and creator of the app on Github,” said Malhotra.
Based on a complaint filed by a reporter at the Southeast District Cyber ​​Police Station, Delhi Police had filed an FIR under IPC 509 Sections (word, gesture or act intended to insult modesty of a woman) and 354A (sexual harassment and punishment for harassment). The woman alleged that her photo was uploaded from Twitter accounts like @bullibai_. Several other complaints also emerged.
While Delhi Police requested information from Twitter about the account that first tweeted about ‘Bulli Bai’, asking it to remove offensive content, as well as GitHub about the developer of the application, none returned.
However, Twitter suspended accounts that tweeted about the app. Github also deleted the app and blocked the user, as confirmed by Union IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw, but did not share any details about the suspect. The San Francisco-based company had not shared any details about the user with cops in a similar case of the “Sulli Deals” app in which an FIR was registered on July 7 of last year. Later, Delhi Police asked Github for details using the official Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT) channel.
This time, however, Delhi Police did not rely on GitHub for information and conducted their own technical investigation. Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana transferred the investigation to the IFSO unit and formed a task force led by DCP Malhotra and made up of several cyber experts.
Tracking the suspect, sources said, was tricky because a prima facie case suggested the user had covered his tracks well using a virtual private network.
“The case was very technical in nature. With the help of CERT-IN, an analysis of the raw data was undertaken and the location of the suspect was identified as Jorhat,” added Malhotra.
Finally, a team comprising ACP Raman Lamba, Inspectors Hansraj and Vijender and SI Neeraj raided the Digambar Chuk area and also carried out a door-to-door operation to locate the suspect’s house on Wednesday evening. Bishnoi was found around 11 p.m. and taken for questioning, sources said. His laptop and his mother’s cell phone, which he was using, were seized and he was placed under arrest.
This is the fourth arrest in this case. The other three, arrested by Mumbai police, include Shweta Singh from Uttarakhand, who is believed to be one of the main defendants in the case, Mayank Rawal, also from Uttarakhand, and Vishal Kumar Jha, a sophomore student at engineering, based in Bengaluru.
Meanwhile, the Vellore Institute of Technology said Bishnoi was suspended with immediate effect. Source link

line “Bulli Bai” | Technical analysis of the app, Twitter handles led to the accused: Mumbai police chief Wed, 05 Jan 2022 13:21:51 +0000

Mumbai Police Cybercell, investigating the ‘Bulli Bai’ app case, said it was successful in identifying and arresting the accused through technical analysis of people following the app and the Twitter account of the same name.

Mumbai Police Commissioner Hemant Nagrale said: “Our team focused on the defendants involved after a technical analysis. Investigators found that the app and the Twitter account had five followers. they were apprehended and arrested. Three people were arrested on Wednesday, including one from Bangalore and two from Uttarakhand.

Nagrale, speaking to reporters, said further arrests may be possible as the police team searches for others involved in the conspiracy.

He said it would only be known whether the accused received any benefit or monetary gain after the investigation was completed.

The first accused arrested in this case was Vishal Kumar, an engineering student from Bangalore. He was taken into custody until January 10. Vishal also runs a YouTube channel named Tavasya Vats. He is also questioned about his involvement in similar activities earlier.

Read | Bulli Bai clash: the co-accused Vishal Kumar detained in Bangalore, placed in police custody until January 10

Previously, a similar app had been created under the name of “Sulli deals” and it also uploaded photos of Muslim women for an “auction”.

The second accused, Shweta Singh, 18, is said to be the mastermind. She is said to have created the Twitter handle named “Bulli Bai” and was taking instructions regarding posts on the app from someone based in Nepal.

The third person arrested is Mayank Rawat from Gadhwal in Uttarakhand, who allegedly shared the messages uploaded to the app on social media.

“The case is of a very sensitive nature and an investigation is underway on online and internet platforms, so at this stage the sharing of information could hamper the investigation and lead to the destruction of evidence by the accused wanted, ”Nagrale said.

The defendants involved had created Twitter IDs with names such as @bullibai_, @ sage0x11, @ jatlhalsa7, @wannabesigmaf, jatkhalsa, @ sikh_khalsa11 and these IDs were used to share content on Twitter from the bullibai app.

For the Twitter account named @bullibai_, it was said to have been created by the Khalsa Sikh Force (KSF). One of the followers of the @bullibai_ handle was named “khalsasupremacist” and this handle led the police to Vishal Kumar.

Police officials also said that in addition to hurting the feelings of the women whose photos were uploaded to the app, the defamation, the defendants involved were also trying to create enmity between two communities and could have resulted in problems of ‘public order.

Read also | What delayed Delhi police investigation into Bulli Bai and Sulli accords | Explain

WATCH: What is the ‘Bulli Bai’ controversy that has sparked outrage across the country?

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Engg student detained for “sharing” application content Mon, 03 Jan 2022 19:46:34 +0000 21-year-old engineering student from Bangalore was arrested by staff at the Mumbai Police Station for allegedly using his Twitter account to “share derogatory content” from the app which hosted forged photographs and objectionable comments targeting Muslim women.

Sources said the student was arrested in Bangalore and taken to Mumbai. He risks being arrested.

“The 21-year-old is a second year civil engineering student. He used his Twitter account to share derogatory content from the app. We detained him, ”said a senior IPS official. The officer said the student was located through the IP address of the Twitter accounts used to upload the photographs. He has not yet been arrested.

When asked if the student was also suspected of being involved in the development of the app or part of a larger group, the officer replied, “We’re going to ask him about all of this. “

Based on a complaint filed by one of the women targeted by the app, the Mumbai (West) Criminal Police Cyber ​​Police Station filed an FIR on January 1 against unknown individuals who developed the application and some Twitter accounts that disseminated its content, under IPC Sections 153 (A) (promotion of enmity between different groups for religious reasons), 153 (B) (imputations, claims detrimental to national integration), 295 (A) (willful and malicious acts, intended to outrage religious feelings), 354 D (harassment), 509 (indecent insult) and 500 (defamation) and section 67 (transmission of obscene content in electronic form) of computer law.

The app was hosted on US-based GitHub on December 31. Forged photos of at least 100 Muslim women, along with obscene remarks and comments, have been posted online.

India’s Computer Emergency Response System (Cert-In), the hub for monitoring cybersecurity incidents and related threats, has been asked to form a ‘high-level committee’ to investigate the incident and coordinate with state police force cyber cells.

Late Saturday night, Electronics and Information Technology Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw tweeted that GitHub had blocked the user, and that Cert-In and the police were “coordinating other actions.” On Sunday, in a separate tweet, Vaishnaw said the government “is working with police organizations in Delhi and Mumbai on this issue.”

Separate FIRs were registered in the case by Delhi and Mumbai police on Sunday. In her police complaint, a Delhi-based journalist accused strangers of promoting hostility, sexual harassment and insulting women.

Shiv Sena MP Priyanka Chaturvedi had amplified women’s complaints on social media. Maharashtra State Minister for (Urban) Interior Satej Patil raised the issue with the state cyber police department.

On Monday evening, Patil tweeted: “Mumbai police have made a breakthrough. While we cannot release details at this time as it may hamper the ongoing investigation, I want to assure all victims that we are proactively prosecuting the culprits and that they will face the law very soon. “

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Mahindra digs its own groove in super-app strategy Sun, 02 Jan 2022 18:27:01 +0000

The group led by billionaire Anand Mahindra will integrate agriculture, finance, automotive and even used cars and tractors under the app.

Mohit Kapoor, chief technology officer of the Mahindra Group, said Mahindra’s products “should not be forcibly inserted into a container and offered to a customer.”

“As we focus on rural and semi-urban areas because of tractors and finance, it makes a lot of sense that we deepen these communities. You might want to call it a super app – I’m just calling it a farming app to stay away from the Super App connotation, ”he said in a recent interaction.

The super apps phenomenon started in East Asia with WeChat, the popular mobile instant messaging app from Chinese company Tencent, which has grown into an “app platform”. Closer to home, large conglomerates such as Reliance Industries, Tatas and the Adani Group are working hard to create great apps as part of a bigger story of digital transformation.

Reliance Retail, owned by Mukesh Ambani, launched a redesign of its My Jio app in August 2021 to convert it into a super app by integrating various consumer offerings, following its acquisition of local search engine Just Dial. The My Jio application brings together more than 20 consumer applications.

Tata Sons plans to invest at least $ 2 billion in its super app, TataNeu, and later raise an additional $ 5 billion from outside investors by selling minority stakes in the digital company. The launch of this application is scheduled for the first half of this year.

Ahmedabad-based Adani Group has created a new division, Adani Digital Labs, to create their awesome app. In keeping with this strategy, the group announced on October 29 the acquisition of a minority stake in the online travel aggregator Cleartrip from Flipkart Marketplace.

The Mahindra group, however, operates differently.

Kapoor said “a great app wouldn’t work for” the group. One of the reasons, according to Kapoor, is “we don’t have a big B2C (business-to-consumer) game”.

“I won’t call it a great app because it’s cliché. Targeted apps sure have room. For me, the farm and finance, which concerns my tractor, my field, my family, my insurance, my home, television, education, medical care … it makes sense. We have to see the farmer as the customer. This is where we are going. “

The idea of ​​Farmer App, still evolving, is to create an app for “the rural-farmer ecosystem”, according to Kapoor. fertilizer and seeds … (and) things we don’t make. We don’t make cold rooms, but my farmer, who has a Mahindra tractor, has a potato farm. Can I offer him a cold room (installation)? Thus, a digital offer focused on the rural world is surely in preparation, ”he added.

Kapoor said the Mahindra Group is working on a five-step strategy to accelerate its digital transformation.

For starters, over the past 12 to 15 months, the group has focused on improving the Customer Experience (CX) in each of its verticals. “Customer journeys are very important for individual businesses,” said Kapoor.

“A CX for vacation is different, a CX for a used car is different, for a car, a tractor, finance, all are different. Equally important is the employee journey. This employee is now also sitting (working) at home. Thus, we focus on collaboration and communication tools like all other companies. The fact that we have 20-25 million customers across the group is sufficient if we keep the CX / UI (user interface) / UX (user experience) high. Therefore, collaboration is the first principle that Dr Shah (Managing Director and Managing Director of Mahindra Group, Anish Shah) put on the table, ”said Kapoor.

For example, Mahindra Group is already working with startups such as “Karza, Perfios and Signzy on the finance side… to use their technology. Rather than coding all of these parts, we just integrate it all. This is our approach, ”Kapoor said. In agriculture, “we are collaborating with a company called Carnot Technologies which is building an“ agriculture as a service ”offer”.

He added that the second goal is data and artificial intelligence (AI). “Data and AI are used to launch new products; set a price for them; decide where to throw; how to predict bad debts in Mahindra Finance; to whom to lend and to whom to refuse.

Mahindra works with three startups in the 5G space, according to Kapoor. For example, he uses the services of a startup called Yello Skye which uses drones to manage inventory. “In Chakan, we have a 40-50 acre factory where thousands of vehicles are parked in the open area. We don’t know the location of every car. So when you have to send 100 Thars (a Mahindra SUV) – all red in color – to Guwahati, how are we going to know where they are? If you do two flights a day by drone, we divide the factory into grids and then can automatically use the AI ​​to find out exactly where the Red Thars are. Take your trailer there, load them up, and set off for Guwahati. “

The third area is to “modernize the IT stack (information technology) … which involves the cloud and APIfication”, he added. “The idea is to publish hundreds of APIs (application programming interfaces) per company externally, and also internally some plumbing for the company’s APIfication,” Kapoor said.

The Mahindra Group plans to launch an “API-based service called India Blue Book.” If you want to check my car’s actual value benchmarks, that will become the bible for anyone to assess, ”Kapoor said.

The fourth area is “cybersecurity and data privacy”, while the fifth is “talent and culture”. he added.

The Mahindra Group also uses advanced technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). “We are currently using AR and VR to train all of our engineers on the XUV 700, which we have just started delivering,” Kapoor said.

As for blockchain, the technology that powers cryptocurrencies, Kapoor said the Mahindra Group is “ahead of our time.” point of view – input trade finance for SMEs. Again, in the agricultural space, if you want to buy seeds, we should be the funder behind the blockchain. So it’s still going to be a farm-to-fork blockchain but with SMEs finance as our motivation, ”Kapoor said.

“The second area of ​​blockchain is in the automotive space – that of a whole new car coming out of a factory to scrapping, which we actually do as well,” Kapoor pointed out. CERO, a joint venture between Mahindra Accelo and MSTC (a state-owned company under the Ministry of Steel) helps users scrap old vehicles, recovering many metals, including steel which constitutes 65 to 70% of a vehicle.

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28 Row, a new app for female academics and influencers Thu, 30 Dec 2021 22:30:00 +0000

Tumi Adeyoju, 20, graduated in public health from the University of Houston. But when she’s not in class or studying, she maintains a blog on fashion, lifestyle and beauty, a business she hopes to turn into a business.

Like many of her generation, Adeyoju dreams of becoming an influencer – a catch-all for anyone who makes money posting about products on social media. There are still some obstacles. First: Ms. Adeyoju has just over 700 Instagram followers. Many influencer marketing platforms, where content creators connect with brands, require a minimum number of thousands of followers to be admitted.

In November, a mutual friend told him about 28 Row, a new app that didn’t have this requirement. All she needed was a .edu email address.

The app is meant to be a place for female students to connect around common interests, and for many of them, the influence of social media is significant. Ms. Adeyoju said in a phone interview that 28 Row “really introduced me to a lot of new faces, a lot of diversity when it comes to influencers and content creators.”