Carnival Cruise Line implements digital passport app to streamline boarding process

Carnival Cruise Line is streamlining its boarding process by rolling out a new app to verify passenger vaccinations and test proof before departure.

Announced last week, the cruise line began to roll out VeriFLY — an app that issues users with a digital pass after uploading the necessary travel documents — as part of a pilot program on the Mardi Gras ship, sailing from Port Canaveral.

The company said it intends to roll out the technology across its entire fleet.

Carnival – Hawaii 15 days from San Francisco

Courtesy of Carnival Cruises

the application has been a favorite of some airlines throughout the pandemic, including American airlines and British Airways. It was also used by Denver International Airport to book a seat in advance for airport security.

“VeriFLY by Daon is now widely used in the airline industry, and it will allow Carnival guests to upload their proof of vaccination and testing information so it can be verified prior to departure, which will result in a streamlined boarding experience at the terminal,” the cruise line wrote in a statement.

Downloading the app is voluntary and not mandatory for boarding, a Carnival spokesperson confirmed. Travel + Leisure.

In addition to deploying the application, Carnival expands testing capacity for vaccinated guests at its terminals, focusing on short 3- and 4-day routes. Once the test is ready, passengers will need to pre-register.

Carnival requires all guests to be vaccinated on board, with limited exceptions granted for children and guests who provide a doctor’s note check that they cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons. Vaccinated passengers should also get tested within two days of boarding.

In December, Carnival strengthened its on-board mask protocols, requiring all guests ages 2 and older to wear masks in indoor public spaces, except for eating and drinking. Travelers are also required to wear masks when embarking and disembarking and on any Carnival-approved shore excursions. Additionally, smoking is not permitted in the casino and passengers are required to “sip and cover” when drinking.

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