Bulli Bai app creator taken into custody

Neeraj Bishnoi, 21, creator of the Bulli Bai app appeared in a magistrates’ court on Monday and remanded in custody. The six defendants arrested in this case are currently in police custody.

Bishnoi, a resident of Jorhat in Assam and a second year B.Tech student was the first arrested by Delhi police on January 6.

Mumbai cyber police took him into custody in a Delhi jail along with Aumkareshwar Thakur. The duo were brought before a Bandra Magistrate’s Court on January 20 and taken into custody until January 27. Thakur was taken into custody on January 27 but Bishnoi’s custody was extended until Monday.

The police discovered that Bishnoi, along with all the other arrested defendants, was part of Trad Mahasabha. Bishnoi was emboldened and inspired by the fact that the Delhi Police could not catch the perpetrators of the Sulli Deals app in June-July last year despite registering an FIR.

The other four defendants arrested in the case are Vishal Kumar Jha, 21, Shweta Singh, 18, Mayank Rawat, 21 and Niraj Singh, 28.

Thakur had published the source code of Sulli deals app on Trad Mahasabha group. In one of the discussions on this group, the members explained that even though they were involved in the Sulli case, the Delhi Police, despite registering an FIR, were unable to find them. found because they were “quite good” at hiding their identities. This emboldened and inspired Bishnoi who used the group’s source code to create the Bulli Bai app.

Bishnoi then informed the group members that he had collected 50 photos of Muslim women and wanted 50 more. Trade members were asking Bishnoi to wait for some time, but disagreeing with them, Bishnoi managed to upload the data of 102 Muslim women to the app. He asked his three followers Jha, Singh and Rawat to help him by having them change their Twitter handles to Sikh names to make it look like those in the Sikh community were doing it.

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