Airtel withdraws additional data benefit coupons from certain packages to avoid confusion, Telecom News, ET Telecom

New Delhi: Airtel has removed some data coupons it was offering through its app on some of the prepaid plans, a move it says will help “avoid confusion” among consumers about offers and comparisons between different plans . The telecommunications operator had announced tariff increases of 20 to 25% for various prepaid offers, including tariffed voice plans, unlimited voice plans and data top-ups, and the new tariffs came into effect on Friday.

However, Airtel also continued to offer additional data benefits of an additional 500MB on certain packs as a promotional coupon.

“It is standard industry practice to run cash back rewards or additional data only through telecom applications in the form of coupons. However, to avoid confusion of incorrect comparisons in the minds of our customers, these in-app coupon offers are being withdrawn, ”an Airtel spokesperson. said in response to an email query.

Earlier, while announcing a tariff review, Airtel said in a statement that it has always maintained that the average revenue per mobile user (ARPU) should be Rs 200 and ultimately Rs 300 to provide a reasonable return on capital allowing for a model of financially healthy business.

“We also believe that this level of ARPU will allow the required substantial investments in networks and spectrum. More importantly, it will give Airtel the flexibility to deploy 5G in India,” Airtel said in a statement.

At first, the company said it was taking the lead in “rebalancing” tariffs in November.

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