Accenture invests in Prevailion, a cyber intelligence company

Accenture Companies, the venture capital arm of the global IT consulting firm Accenture, invested in a cyber intelligence company Predominance.

In a prepared statement on Prevailion’s investment, Josh Ray, who leads Accenture Security’s global cyber defense practice, said:

“Prevailion’s innovative approach to exposing emerging adversaries, especially when paired with our industry-leading cyber intelligence team, will allow our customers to face the next generation of threats with confidence. Prevailion’s multi-industry reach will enhance our cyber insurance services, including those focused on mergers and acquisitions, and enable our team to proactively detect and mitigate threats targeting our clients.

Addition of Karim Hijazi, Founder and CEO of Prevailion:

“This investment from Accenture is exciting and supports our mission to provide tailored information that enables risk-based decision making on a global scale. Accenture’s reputation and its premier customer base will allow us to have a greater impact in securing the corporate world from devastating cyberattacks.

The investment comes after Accenture acquired Open Mind, an MSSP and cybersecurity services consultancy firm in April 2021.

What is predominance?

Prevailion offers the Apex platform, which provides organizations with information about new, active and historical attacks on their networks, the company said. The main features of Apex include:

  • Risk view: Uses a color coded filing system to highlight cyber risks in an organization
  • Telemetry: Provides telemetry of confirmed cyber attacks to support security investigations or incident response
  • Watchlists: Allow users to create custom watchlists for any organizations or IP addresses they want to monitor and receive updates whenever malicious activity is detected

Additionally, Apex provides intelligence on cyber adversaries, the company noted. It also provides visibility into malware in organizations and their supply chains with threat detection through adversary counterintelligence.

What does the Prevailion investment mean for Accenture?

Prevailion could help Accenture’s cyber investigations and forensic response team deal with third-party and supply chain attacks, the companies said. This team reported an almost 200% increase in third-party and supply chain intrusions in 2020.

Additionally, with Prevailion, Accenture has invested in other cybersecurity and intelligence companies, including:

Accenture provides cyber defense, applied cybersecurity solutions, managed security operations, and other cybersecurity services to global organizations. It is also a Top 250 MSSP which employs nearly 7,000 cybersecurity professionals.

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